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Prayer Mat For Muslims – Premium Traveling Prayer Mat

24 March 2021 - Kategori Blog

Prayer Mat / Prayer Rug / Sajadah Premium

Prayer mat or prayer rug in Indonesia call as Sajadah, as a country that has a population with a majority of Muslims where the prayer mat is a prayer equipment that is easy to found. During pandemic covid-12 travel prayer mat is useful, especially for muslims who a lot of travelling.

King Salman Sajadah Travel Pocket is premium travel prayer mat that could be the best solution for muslims during traveling where this travel mat could be custom name on the front of travel prayer prayer mat. Our prayer mat produced using printing technology as you could see in video below :

How to fold the prayer mat ?

Premium Travel prayer mat specification

Our premium travel prayer mat produced in Indonesia, until know we have two size of prayer mat are medium and large size and see below for the details size of premium travel mat

premium traveling prayer mat

Size pack premium prayer mat in cm / inchi
– Medium size 90 cm / 35.43 inch x 50 cm / 19.68 inch
– Large size 112 cm / 44.09 inch x 57 cm / 22.44 inch

prayer mat premium

Material Prayer Mat are on the front made from soft drill polyester while on the back made from ripstop waterproof

King Salman Premium Travel Prayer Mat Benefit :

1. Free custom name on the premium travel mat with maximum 3 line, see picture below:
– Line 1 / Baris Satu, for preface, example : For My Children, For My Parents etc
– Line 2 / Baris Dua, for name, example : Name your children/wife/husband/mosque or name of your company
– Line 3 / Baris Tiga, could be your name or other

prayer mat for kid

Customize Your Name

2. Travelable
– Our premium prayer mat / prayer rug design simple which folds up so small that it is possible to put it in a pocket and light also easy underneath

travelable prayer mat

3. Easy to clean
– Easy to clean, you can wipe with a wet tissue

4. Waterproof
Made of premium polyester and a waterproof parasite undercoat makes the prayer mat waterproof and odor free

5. Fast production
– Our premium prayer mat producted about 2 to 4 workdays and total days until ready to ship about 7 days

6. Worldwide shipping
– Our premium prayer mat could be shipped to other country in world outside our country

Design Of Premium Travel Prayer Mat

We have all ready design on the front of prayer mat a both medium and large size. Medium size usually used for children while large size for adult

Medium size premium prayer mat design

prayer mat for education

Large size premium prayer mat design

prayer mat education

How to order our premium travel prayer mat ? Please contact to our whatsapp +6287722290001 / +6283156565674 email diati@diatifasya.com for more information.

Beside Premium Prayer mat, we have fashion muslim  collections with new design as you can watch on video below :

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